Critical care medications within reach when needed, with PharMEDium Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs)

You know medication safety is not achieved through any single effort or even by one department. Pharmacy, nursing, infection control, risk management, and others each have an impact on medication delivery. As a health-system pharmacist, you have the difficult job of orchestrating numerous systems and teams to ensure safe medication delivery across your facility.

PharMEDium Can Help You:

Achieve medication delivery best practices for your vulnerable ICU and ED patients by supporting:

  • Timely administration with ready-to-use (RTU) at the point of care CSPs
  • Limited admixing of STAT or first doses outside of the pharmacy
  • More nursing time for patient care instead of ordering, waiting for, and receiving medications
  • Concentration standardization

Optimize your pharmacy resources by reducing urgent pharmacy admixing and the steps to deliver medications to your critical care units. Implement more consistent inventory control and minimize waste with extended expiration dating.

PharMEDium offers five critical care therapeutic classes with multiple ready-to-use drugs, a range of delivery systems and concentrations, and extended dating – all with 100% batch level testing

Trust PharMEDium to put ready-to-use preparations of time-critical medications within reach, when and where they’re needed.

PharMEDium sterile preparations help improve patient safety and simplify workflows:

  • More of what you need: PharMEDium offers the broadest 503B Outsourcing Facility portfolio of critical care medications for your convenience and to support your standardization efforts. (1)
  • Sterile-to-sterile: We use only FDA-approved sterile drugs and FDA-cleared components for all services
  • Traceability for quality assurance: All components are traceable and verified via bar code technology throughout the compounding process
  • Automation support: Our barcode data includes NDC, lot number, compounded date, and expiration date to support automation and point-of-care medication administration systems
  • Medication identification support: Our labels help clinicians differentiate drug name and drug concentrations with TALLman lettering and easy-to-read label font and layout
  • Extended expiration dating for value and waste reduction: Longer dating supports automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) storage and reduces waste due to shifts in demand.

(1) Data on file

Critical Care Assessment

The Critical Care Assessment is a comprehensive medication management workflow analysis of your critical care units, including the emergency department and procedural areas. A PharMEDium critical care specialist, working with you and others as you select, conducts observations across the critical care medication administration process to identify opportunities to streamline your operations.

Typically, the Critical Care Assessment identifies opportunities to:

  • Improve logistics and timeliness
  • Limit clinician preparation of STAT and first doses
  • Benchmark best practices from medication safety experts and regulatory agencies
  • Improve accessibility, ease of use, and compliance with critical care medication policies
  • Reduce waste
  • Simplify medication identification with enhanced labeling

PharMEDium Products Commonly Used for Critical Care Services:

Calcium-Channel Blocking Agents

diltiazem nicardipine


magnesium sulfate

Local Anesthetics


Opiate Agonists

fentanyl hydromorphone morphine


epinephrine norepinephrine phenylephrine vasopressin  

*List of available admixtures is subject to change. Please visit PharMEDium’s Customer Resource Center (CRC) at for a current list of available services and new product announcements.


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