Sterile compounding starts here.

Focused on adhering to strict standards to ensure our customers receive the highest quality compounded preparations. By definition, compounded sterile preparations are the sum of their parts. One of the keys to quality preparations, therefore, is the ability to maintain the sterile integrity for both the FDA-approved sterile drugs and FDA-cleared sterile components and the final preparations.


We track our compounded preparations from FDA-approved sterile drugs and FDA-cleared sterile components all the way to the point of care, with 200% verification of all steps in the compounding process. To do this, we use a sophisticated scanning system of automated checks and verifications.


We only use FDA-approved sterile drugs and FDA-cleared components to ensure high quality preparations compounded from the best materials available.

Process Control

PharMEDium’s quality system ensures controlled and reproducible results.

Advanced Label & Packaging

Our industry-leading labeling and packaging is designed to make your job easier. Our carefully engineered labels are designed so you can easily find the information you need at a glance.

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Customer Experience Center

Our commitment to R&D and innovation means that our sterile preparations are created with quality assurance and enhanced patient safety in mind. PharMEDium advances patient care by developing new technologies which help increase safety and efficiency.

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Service Excellence

We’re thoroughly committed to service excellence, enhancing satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships with our customers. As part of our commitment, we strive to maintain a constant supply for our customers during drug shortages.

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Education and Implementation

Exceptional patient safety can be enhanced by sharing expertise and resources. PharMEDium accomplishes that by offering continuous education including ongoing CE credit courses and special events.

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