Our complete and total commitment to advancing patient safety is embodied through our first-in-class labeling, packaging, and cutting-edge bar code scanning technology designed to help reduce the potential for medication errors.

Our significant engineering advances in drug labeling and packaging promote differentiation, making it easier to find the information you need at a glance. As the first outsourced compounder to employ the systematic use of Reduce Space Symbology (RSS) bar codes, our labels provide an expiration date, National Drug Code (NDC) number and lot number incorporating compounded date – all in one scan.

Additionally, our tamper-evident packaging enhances patient care by helping to reduce the potential for diversion and reuse of unused drug.

Help to reduce errors and manage inventory with bar codes.

With PharMEDium’s bar code system, a simple scan ensures the right drug and concentration are delivered to the right customer. This system is designed to help you manage your inventory more effectively as well. The bar codes are readable by scanners in most point-of-care medication administration systems, smart pump technology and automated dispensing machines.

Process Control

We track FDA-approved sterile drugs and FDA-cleared sterile components all the way to the point of care, with 200% verification of all steps in the compounding process. To do this, we use a sophisticated scanning system of automated checks and verification.

Kitcheck - RFID based medication distribution tagsKit Check®

We offer Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based medication distribution tags and software. Key benefits to using Kit Check® include:

  • Integrated tag
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Expiration management of prefilled syringes
  • Automated billing reports
  • Recall management

First-in-class labeling

Labels on our compounded sterile products:

  • Use the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recommended color scheme to help differentiate by drug class
  • Repeat the drug name to ensure it is readable in any position
  • Have unique shapes and clear markings to help identify various admixture doses by drug, concentration and fill volume
  • Use a bar code with a specific NDC number, lot number and expiration and compounding date all available in one scan. It enables the use of technology for decision support; supports integration of medication administration into anesthesia information system; and provides the ability to improve charge capture for improved billing efficiency

Labeling Features

  1. Larger label to facilitate extra large font size for the drug name for enhanced readability.
  2. Enhanced label design with color blocking and large, pronounced numbers for the total drug content for improved dose recognition.
  3. Wider label that covers the diluent manufacturer's bar code printed on the bag to avoid scanning errors.
  4. Established name of the active drug
  5. Color blocking for differentiation between diluents to minimize the risk of medication errors.
  6. Dosage form and strength
  7. Statement of quantity or volume, as appropriate and a list of inactive ingredients
  8. Expiration date; Storage and handling instructions; Statements ‘Compounded Drug.’ ‘Not for Resale.’ and ‘Office Use Only.’
  9. Name, address, and phone number of the applicable outsourcing facility
  10. National Drug Code number, if available and Lot number incorporates compounded date in Julian date format (YYDDD) i.e. 14073***

Labeling Features

  1. TALLman lettering
  2. Unique shapes to differentiate doses in a specific drug family to reduce the potential for drug switch when using multiple drugs or concentrations.
  3. ASTM Standard for color differentiation.
  4. DQSA labeling requirements for 503B registrants.
  5. Expiration date, NDC number, lot number incorporating compounding date in Julian date format (YYDDD) and composite bar code.
  6. Vertical stripe with drug name and dual circumferential drug name to support drug recognition during administration.


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