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Maintaining high levels of excellence in the center over a period of years is a wonderful testimony to the contact center management team, the frontline agents – as well as senior managers, who support and encourage this excellence. PharMEDium call center professionals have shown exceptional dedication and results, for which I commend them. Bruce Belfiore, CEO, BenchmarkPortal

For 3 years in a row, PharMEDium’s customer service team has been named a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal.

Team Support

We work with you to provide you specific therapeutic requirements, prescribing preferences and compatibility with infusion delivery systems. Our alliances with industry-leading infusion device manufacturers enable the use of our preparations with multiple devices.

Allocation Process

In times of drug shortages, we have a strict allocation process to ensure our loyal customers continue to receive constant supply. PharMEDium has maintained relationships with all of the major drug/container manufacturers for over 25 years. These relationships, combined with our national volume, give us the ability to maintain priority status for supply-constrained drugs/containers, which allows for superior continuity of service to your hospital or ambulatory surgery center.

See the latest Drug Shortage Bulletins from the:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

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Complete a Services Agreement with PharMEDium

Contact your local PharMEDium sales specialist at 1-800-523-7749 and execute a services agreement between your organization and PharMEDium Services, LLC. Once a PharMEDium services agreement is signed and processed, a PharMEDium customer number will be established for you.

customer-serviceRegister online for the Customer Resource Center (CRC)

Please register with us to order PharMEDium services (including Schedule II controlled substances). Registration will give you access to the PharMEDium Customer Resource Center for easy online ordering. PharMEDium offers Electronic 222 (CSOS) ordering for all Schedule II controlled substances. For more information, please contact us at customerservice@pharmedium.com. You can also order Schedule II controlled substances online and send us your DEA Form 222 through the mail. Our simple online ordering tool lets you easily find the compounded sterile preparations you need as well as the following benefits:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Review order status information
  • Track shipments
  • Review invoice history
  • Robust search functionality allows you to define your search and filter the compounded sterile preparations how you need them, including by drug family, container type and fill volume
  • Allocation tools make it easier to manage drug or container shortages when they occur
  • Easily access quarterly trend reports, technical letters, package inserts and the other resources you need

Don’t see the compounded sterile preparation you need? Contact us to see if we can create it for you.

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